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Exchange language and culture with people from all different countries right in the heart of Bangkok. These events makes it easy to both make friends and learn from each other.
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Party King Club, at it’s core, is an international organization which aims to attract people from all nationalities. One factor that brings people together from all background is language. We encourage our viewers to connect with guests at each event we promote and share both language and culture. In order to promote language learning itself, Party King Club as recently started it’s own Language Exchange Party at Ekkamai in Bangkok. Further detailed information can be found on the Meetup group:

Language exchange events are social activities that allow anyone to make friends and learn languages at the same time. Whether you’re just beginning a new language, or want to brush up your advanced skills, there’s always someone out there to help compliment your level.

In addition, dozens of other language learning meetups are on the verge of starting up like normal again – meetups that meet at coffee shops, parks, and rooftops, for example. These language learning meetups range from specific language like Korean and Spanish, to every language in the world.

Below are some honorable mentions for language exchange groups in Bangkok:

Bangkok Cultural Exchange Meetup, hosted by Fai (often managed by Bakery)
This Meetup group offers events for mixed languages.

Friends Fun Bangkok, hosted by Koji:
This Meetup group currently offers Japanese and Spanish practice events

Fun! Fun! Learning Korean, hosted by JooKoung Kim
Korean practice sessions and lessons by a fantastic, native Korean teacher who also speaks Thai.

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