Where to Party During Lockdowns

Find out where to party during Covid lockdowns in Bangkok

Where to Party During Lockdowns

Nowadays in Bangkok, it has been difficult to find a place to dance, socialize, or even drink. Covid restrictions have left countless venues shutdown with no clear hope of return as normal. Venues like Australian Bar, Insanity, and Hillary 4 in Nana, and BarBarBar, Demo, and Beam in Thonglor have been closed down due to the situation, and in some cases, attacked by the police for not paying up.

Bars That are Still Open

1. Nana


Nana Soi 11

Soi 11 Nana has been a popular go-to spot during the Covid restrictions. Most notably, the bar market under a tent across the street from Taco Bell has been constantly full until the police come and close it down at around 10pm. This alcohol-servering market is sometimes refered to as Orange Bangkok.

Hillary 2

Soi 4 Nana, which is the same street of the famous Nana Plaza, has recently been home to many fun places which have avoided the attack of the police. Hillary 4, for example is fully open until 10pm. Although closing early, during hours of opporation it is almost always full and lively. Another popular venue on Soi 4 is Dubai Restaurant and Sheesha Bar. The front room is extemely roomy and offeres low-priced drinks and sheesha. For the more partly-loving crowd, the venue offers a semi-secret room in the back with a more club-like feel.

Invite Wine

Soi 8 Nana has at least two highly-opporational hidden bars, starting with the back room of InVite Wine.

2. Khaosan Road


Rocco Club has been fighting with police recently, but just a month ago, it’s dance club was secretly open to a large crowd of mainly Thai customers. Although rumors say Rocco Club was safe due to it’s close ties to officials, it was raided by higher ranking of officers. After this raid, Rocco Club was forced to open only it’s rooftop at government issued times, but recent attendees say otherwise.

Sky 6666 is a typical looking Khaosan bar with a little secret. The 2nd floor on the inside often allows customers to stay and drink longer than expected. The bar itself is just as reasonably priced as any other Khaosan street bar and to our knowledge has no reports of fake liquor.


Other Honorable Mentions

  • W District Market
  • Jack’s Bar
  • Pong Bar
  • Sway

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